Kindly fill-up below mentioned admission form, we shall get back to you after reviewing the application

Admission Criteria & School Rules

According to RTE the admission of your ward shall be granted.

  • For Admission in Grade 1, your child must have completed 5years by 31st May

  • Admission will be given in Standard 1 only to the child who has completed 5 years on 31st May on the basis of records of the birth certificate and Adhar card.

  • For admission, school leaving certificate and copy of the marksheets are mandatory.

  • In the school leaving certificate, make sure the unique IDnumber is mentioned.

  • In the month of June / September / December / March, the fee will be paid simultaneously for that month and for the next two months ie three months.

  • Uniform: Boys: White Shirt, Black Pants, Black Tie, Black School – Shoes
    Girls: Eye Sky Blue Pina Frock, Black Lower, Black School – Shoes

  • In the school premises, order and peace must be maintained during the school hours.

  • Come to school in a clean and neat uniform every day. A student who does not wear a clean uniform will not be admitted to the class.

  • Each student used to cut off the nails of his hands every week, bring handkerchiefs daily, and rub his head with oil.

  • Student’s notebook for classwork or homework shall be checked.

  • The result is given by the school after the examination. Parents should see it and sign it. Knowing the factors/causes that may be hindering a child’s study, help him/her to study the school and try to eliminate the child’s difficulties.

  • To see the child doing homework and reading daily, to see the child’s study improved for the betterment.

  • It is the guardian’s responsibility to take the students to school on time as well as to take them. If you have to go home for any reason at the current school, then leave will be available after three hours on the basis of the wali card given to the guardian.

  • Its value will be recovered from the loss of school premises and equipment.

  • Inform the class teacher in writing if any change of guardian’s address or phone number is made.

  • Park near the bicycle gate. If  bicycles are lost, the school will have no responsibility.

  • In case a student meets with any accident, if he/she runs-away or in extreme case scenario of suicide, the School, school management and staff can not be hold responsible under any circumstances, parents must take a note of that.

Dr. Babulal R. Patel

Ph.D., M.Sc., M.Ed.

The Principal

Shree Kadi Nagarik Sahakari Bank Primary School, Kadi

For Admission Inquiry

Kindly contact the School Admin Office on Monday to Friday from 7 am to 5 pm and on Saturday 7:30 am to 11 am.