School Achievement

Child Talent Search Competition:

There were 24 children competing in the various regional and state levels. A cash prize of 48000INR has been obtained by obtaining the number and the pride of the school has been increased. Received the second rank in monogamous acting, weddings, etiquette.

Khel MahaKumbh:

Each year has participated in various sports under the Khel Mahakumbh. The school has been awarded the cash prize of 94, the year 2015-16 and in the year 2018-19 by getting the third number in the entire Kadi taluka. The children are participating in various sports at the national level, of which yoga is participated in Bangalore. The school receives training for wrestling and athletics coaches for outstanding performance in sports.

Kala Mahakumbh:

A total of 15 students from our school participated in different competitions in Kalamahakumbh, held last year.

In Science (National Children’s Science Congress)

The school’s child scientists are participating annually by the National Children’s Science Congress (N.C.S.C).
A total of five projects were selected at the state level from the projects prepared by the child scientists.
A total of two projects were selected at the national level and participated at the national level.

The specialty of the school

In the entire Kadi taluka, your school is the largest school with the highest number of students in comparison to all the self-employed and government schools. Our biggest achievement is that the school family can build the trust of the whole parent.

School Awards

The following is a list of the awards received in the Pediatric Scientific Competition organized by the National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC) and the Gujarat Council of Science and Technology (GUJCOST).

“Study of cooking gas produced from animal and vegetable matter and gas produced from human feces” Student Name: Thakor Jayesh. Gujarat Vidyapeeth became the winner at the Ahmedabad seat at the state level and participated in the Baramati Maharashtra campaign at the national level.

“Investigating the serious effects of organisms through traditional farming and the study of the benefits of organic farming” Student Name: Patel Dharmik H. at the state level, ScienceCity is the winner at Ahmedabad and Chandigarh Punjab participates at the national level.

Name of “School Electrical – Energy Audit” Student Name: Patel participated in the Polar R State Level Gujarat University, Ahmedabad.

“Study of rainwater harvesting and its benefits” Student Name: Patel Ayushi B. Gujarat Vidyapeeth participated in Ahmedabad at the State level.

On the occasion of the Golden Jubilee, All India Yoga Sports Championship was held in Haryana, Patel Humble Parimalkumar of our school in Yoga competition has won second place in the Yoga Competition.

In the Artistic Shoals, Haryana State Muktam Patel Kanvi Narendrabhai has won first place in the Yoga competition at the International level.

Shri Kadi Sahakari Nagarik Bank Pvt. School under the Child Talent Search Competition in search of various activities such as drawing, essay, oratory, one-act play, folklore, folk music, bhajan, ballad, duhachand, chopai, creative workmanship. Venues are proud of the school by earning the second, second number by participating enthusiastically in this competition. La 39 level, regional level and state level have been obtained in 18 children 9 award.

The child is the creator of the future. The child receives the rites from the environment around him. The aim of education is also to ensure that children are fully developed. In today’s modern life, the decline of human values ​​with increasing physical happiness and increasing expectations is a concern for the entire society. In today’s situation, it is necessary to look at the environment around the child. The inhibitor is both.

In view of this, the play “VALUE BASE GAME” has been produced in our school under the guidance of Dr. Babulal Saheb, the Principal of the school, for the purpose of irrigating human values ​​in his life.

School student Patel Patience Chetan Kumar has received the “Happy Journey Poster” Award at the Lions International Peace Poster Contest Center, Paldi, Ahmedabad.

School Results

Result 2018-19

1 136 48 34 19 237
2 120 45 31 30 12 238
3 88 45 27 24 7 191
4 106 46 28 12 4 196
5 66 52 31 13 8 170
6 48 64 75 41 9 237
7 50 88 89 61 21 309
8 73 123 163 73 7 439
TOTAL 687 511 478 273 68 2017

Result 2017-18

1 152 51 49 23 4 279
2 147 30 21 23 14 235
3 109 41 29 25 9 213
4 108 37 16 9 9 179
5 112 72 41 30 9 264
6 47 82 87 62 20 298
7 53 111 111 83 9 367
8 85 120 139 96 7 447
TOTAL 813 544 493 351 81 2282

School Result Comparisons